SSH is good for user to login and work in Jetson Nano.  Since Console option is available directly, it is good enough to have SSH. In case some user want to try with RDP then they can try it out

 Easiest way is probably going to be running an RDP server called xrdp. Installation is a lot simpler than setting up VNC.

$ sudo apt-get install xrdp

 After installation has completed, you should go ahead and reboot the Jetson Nano board. Once the reboot has completed you can check installation of xrdp was successful by using the command nmap from your laptop.

$ nmap jetson

 RDP server is running despite us currently being at the login screen on the physical machine. While RDP is a proprietary protocol, Microsoft do provide viewers for most platforms for free, including the Mac, which is available in the Mac App Store and install it.