import tensorflow as tf

import time

def time_matmul(x):

start = time.time()

for loop in range(10):

tf.matmul(x, x)

result = time.time()-start

print("10 loops: {:0.2f}ms".format(1000*result))

# Force execution on CPU

print("On CPU:")

with tf.device("CPU:0"):

x = tf.random.uniform([1000, 1000])

assert x.device.endswith("CPU:0")


# Force execution on GPU #0 if available

if tf.config.experimental.list_physical_devices("GPU"):

print("On GPU:")

with tf.device("GPU:0"): # Or GPU:1 for the 2nd GPU, GPU:2 for the 3rd etc.

x = tf.random.uniform([1000, 1000])

assert x.device.endswith("GPU:0")