OpenPOWER Foundation Introduces IBM Hardware and Software Contributions at OpenPOWER Summit 2020


IoT Edge Design and Making

1) TL-Verilog constructs into SystemVerilog SandPiper™

2) SystemVerilog into C++ Verilator

3) Navigation graphviz

4) Editor CodeMirror

5) Packaging

System on package (SOP)

Package on package (POP)

Wire bond package

Flip-chip package

6) Design to Device

Verilog-to-FPGA compilers

Verilog to generate geometric structures of transistors

Verilog simulators (which compile it to native machine code or to the C

Verilog [Compiler]

Gate level Netlist

[Place & Route tool] GDS2


An Open Cognitive Environment

Open Cognitive Environment (Open-CE), based on IBM’s PowerAI to enable improved consumability of AI and deep learning frameworks

A2O POWER processor core, an out-of-order follow-up to the A2I core, and associated FPGA environment.

“SKY130 is the industry’s first open source foundry process design kit,

A2O POWER processor core RTL and associated FPGA implementation (using ADM-PCIE-9V3 FPGA)