DLtrain with CPU support 

Train Deep Learning Network Model

/cpuTrain/bin/DLtrain -m train -s NewNetwork.dat -c network_prop.txt -n 2000 -e 3 -d /Images

-m train or infer

-s save model in given file

-c Model configuration in txt file

-e number of epochs

-n number of images

-d /Images

DLtrain is our AI tool set which is developed in C and C++.  Tested with IBM Power 9 machine by using a tool set for   "ppc64el " , In similar lines X86 and ARM also handled and tested DLtrain in respective machines with x86 and ARM core.  Effort went into extending  the GPU by using the NVIDIA toolset called  "nvcc" .  

For example, DLtrain version for Power 9 CPU is tested and details on the  same is given in the following link 

Link provides information on DLtrain which is working in  CPU+GPU platform ( Jetson Nano used to test DLtrain) .

DLtrain is used handling AI training workflow such as 

The MNIST data set is also used in the above and also a custom data set used in  the above training process.

DLtrain with CPU and GPU  support 

DLtrain with CPU, GPU and FPGA support 

DLtrain deployment in IoT Node and using Inference Service  ( DLtrain in Node)