Digital Radio

Digital Audio

Thanks to team Epigon Media Technologies Pvt Ltd for their Innovative designs and development in Software driven ( Multi-core DSP from Analog Devices, Blackfin DSP  BF 561 and its variants ) Satellite Radio with Multi input and Single Output option.  

Multi core DSP was natural choice to perform MIMO ( multi input and multi output)  receiver which had worked with WorlSpace Asia Star, Africa star satellites along with Terrestrial re-transmitted signal.  

2 RF  input  ( L band Satellite signal received, L band Terrestrial signal received ) 

1 Audio output  ( one audio output or data output is provided )

Above is very early version of MISO ( multi input, single output)  satellite radio receiver that worked well.\

Digital Radio in India  Prof SN 60th Endowment Lecture 2008 ( Madras Institute of Technology ) 

Music Synthesis by  ( Multi DSP from Analog Devices, SHARC  DSP  ) using 6 SHARC DSP such that 128 or more voice synthesis was feasible 

Multi DSP was amazing  choice then to perform Music synthesis with 128 Voice or more

Common external memory ( SRAM and DRAM( then)

3 SHARC version 

4 SHARC  version

3 SHARC version

6 SHARC version 

Above listed boards were used to perform Digital Audio Synthesis .

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